Our Luxe specialise in Weddings in the Pacific Islands & South East Asia.......Your Travel Concierge can book everything needed for your destination wedding including:

* Accommodation
* Transport including flighs & transfers
* Wedding Packages
* Ceremony
* Reception
* Entertainment
* Food & Beverage
* Optional Extras (flowers, cake, Photographer, etc...)
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Below we have summarised the requirements of getting married, applicable to New Zealand citizens. In some countries a signed form is required and your Our Travel Concierge will notify & supply you with this.


The legal age to wed in French Polynesia is 18years.
Both spouses must not already be married in France or Overseas, be of French nationality, be of the same sex or have a relationship in direct lineage. An application for a Marriage of Foreigners in French Polynesia must be completed and sent to the Mayor in the area of which you intend to be wed, at least one month and 10 days prior to the Marriage. The Marriage will be carried out at the Mairie (town hall) by the Mayor (or its representative) in the area of which you intend to be wed. The ceremony will be held in public, the doors to the town hall remaining open at all times. Please note, weddings may not be performed on Sundays or public holidays.

The Wedding Couple will need to provide the following:
 - A letter signed & dated by both future spouses, addressed to the Mayor of the area chosen for the marriage
 - The Marriage of Foreigners in French Polynesia form, duly filled
 - Valid Passports
 - Copy of Birth Certificates
 - Proof of residence (ie. electricity or telephone invoice)
 - Divorce Papers (if applicable)
 - Death Certificate (if previous spouse is deceased)
 - Marriage contract or Notary Certificate that has been authenticated (if applicable)
 - Customary, celibacy, or capacity to be legally married certifiate that has been authenticated (if applicable)
 - Certificate of Publication and Non Opposition to Marriage, issued by a French Consulate or Foreign Authority

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