The Cook Islands are renowned for their natural beauty with the towering peaks of Rarotonga, and what has to be one of the biggest secrets in the South Pacific, the stunning lagoon of Aitutaki. The Cook Islands territory covers over 2 million sq miles in the South Pacific ocean but for most tourists they only visit Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Combine this geographical beauty with the warmth and friendliness of the people and a holiday which comes close to perfect.

You can enjoy the relaxed luxury of small boutique resorts or stay in stylish houses and villas right on the beautiful white sand beaches of the lagoon. Everything is so accessible especially the gourmet treats that abound in Rarotonga , smart cafes to top class restaurants all using the best local ingredients of fresh fish and amazing fruit and vegetables .

Only 3 ½ hours from Auckland and perfect for families ,celebrations, weddings and romantic escapes.


The island of Rarotonga is only 32kms in circumference, so it only takes around 45-50 minutes to drive right around it as the speed limit is 50 km per hour, but no one would do that as there are just too many distractions along the way deserving a stop. A car is not your only way to enjoy a journey in Rarotonga, scooters are loved by the locals and tourists alike and bikes and the latest range of E-bikes make exploring lots of fun.

The lagoon is just so accessible with a great selection of snorkelling spots in designated marine reserves all around the island all offering opportunities for kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding in the sheltered lagoon, even a surf break appears beyond the reef when the conditions are right. Another day could be spent fishing outside the reef with charter trips so easy to organise, and why not take a catch home if successful.
The local golf club welcomes anyone keen to play their 9 hole course and of course join the locals for refreshments in the club house afterwards.

One of the highlights of visiting Rarotonga is the Saturday markets in Avarua, also enjoyed by man of the locals as well as a great place to meet and enjoy all the local food options or to stock up on fruit and vegetables. The atmosphere here ensures one knows they are in the pacific island community as music and dancing are central to the mornings activities.

The sunsets on the island are legendary with the sun setting over the reef on the western side of the island creating an amazing array of colour and there is no better way to enjoy this part of the day than with a cocktail in hand at one of the beach bars scattered along the sand or from the balcony of your accommodation. This will become a nightly ritual.

The choice of cafes and restaurants is hard to believe for such a small island, but the locals recognised a long time ago that food has become a big part of a visitor’s holiday and such a talking point nowdays that can often influence a traveller in where they will travel to. Though a lot of products have to be imported they have developed wonderful gardens to supply fresh fruit and vegetables. Combine that with local seafood, and Rarotonga will not disappoint.


Aitutaki is only a 50 minute flight from Rarotonga, can even be enjoyed as whirlwind day trip, but we would recommend you stay there to truly appreciate the beauty of the lagoon and enjoy the very leisurely pace this exquisite island paradise moves at.

Spend time cruising the lagoon with your own private guide, exploring the regeneration of the giant clams, snorkelling amongst the array of colourful reef fish, having lunch on one of the small motus surrounded by the turquoise crystal clear waters and powdery white sand, this is a day that you will talk about for a long time.

Fishing is a great experience on Aitutaki, spend the morning catching dinner for that night as all the resorts will make sure you get to enjoy your success by cooking and serving it for you. If you don’t manage to catch your own dinner the local seafood abounds, so make sure you enjoy it at one of the local restaurants or by the pool at your resort.

As you depart and look down on the lagoon through your aircraft window it is one of those sights that stays in one’s memory forever.  Spectacular !


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Currency:  New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

Electricity:  220 AC / 50 cycle

Flying Time:  approx. 3 hours from Auckland, New Zealand

Local Time:  10 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

April to November weather is cooler and drier with more humid warmer weather from December to March.

Entry Requirements:  
* Valid passport for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay (NZ passport holders).
* A valid return or onward air ticket and sufficient funds.
Exemption - Cook Islanders travelling on New Zealand or other recognised passports or travel documents may be valid on arrival provided:
* The passport states the place of birth is Cook Islands, or
* The passport contains a wet stamp stating that the passport holder is a 'Cook Islander' with 'right of entry'.