Vanuatu is the youngest country in the South Pacific only emerging into nationhood in 1980. The Melanesian culture is truly colourful and full of fascinating surprises arising from the general beauty and the relaxed way of life. Exploring the countryside around Pt Vila means discoveries of caves, waterfalls, isolated beaches, hot springs and old burial grounds, definitely a land of adventures.

The range of new resorts and privates villas ensures that the desire for comfort and luxury on your holiday in Vanuatu can certainly be achieved,

Vanuatu offers the adventurous family the perfect location to combine lots of activities with a luxury beach experience ,the natural beauty allows those seeking a relaxing break from a busy life ,the perfect location to just escape and only think about sunshine , silky sand and blue seas.


Santo has always been known as a great place to SCUBA dive and snorkel and it certainly is that, but Santo has a great deal of interest for all visitors and some great places to stay.  Santo has two close-by off-shore islands with very good resorts, namely Bokissa Eco Island Resort and Aore Island Resort.  There are hotels in and around the town of Luganville and out along the east coast towards Champagne Beach there is Oyster Island Resort which is another beautiful little natural resort on a close-in off-shore island in a perfect location. On the mainland opposite Oyster Island is the location of another nice little resort "Turtle Bay Lodge."  Our Specialists can help you decide which one suits your requirements best.  The beach and island resorts of Santo are ideal spots for a honeymoon, (whether first or second or third) and are great for serious relaxation and unwinding in a quality setting.    

Don’t overlook Santo’s natural features either.  Kayaking the sheltered bays, swimming in the amazing “Blue Holes” or enjoying the magic Champagne Beach, Lonnoc Beach and Port Olry are “don’t miss” experiences.  Champagne Beach is such a perfect beach that cruise ships make special stops here on South Pacific itineraries and if you are staying on Santo you can drive up there any time you like. The road between Luganville and the north-eastern beaches has recently been sealed and is an easy drive now. Diving the wreck of the “President Coolidge” or Million Dollar Point is a must for experienced SCUBA divers.  If you are at all interested in outdoor pursuits don’t miss the Millennium Caves, it’s a day trip to remember, and a dugout canoe or kayak paddle up the Riri Riri River to the Matavulu Blue Hole is an amazing experience.  Santo has a 9 hole golf course in a beautiful setting and is also known for its excellent fishing and horse riding. For those people looking to experience something of the “real” Santo, a visit to a Custom Village is a great way to learn about the time-honoured traditions of the Santo people. 

On Santo you can still see fragments of the Allied troop bases that existed here during WWII.  It was on Santo that James A Michener gazing out to the distant Ambae Island and watching it disappear and reappear in the sea mist wrote his epic “Tales of the South Pacific” and in his imagination, named the island “Bali Hai”. 

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Currency:  Vatu (VUV)
Most major credit cards are accepted.

Electricity: 230V / 50Hz

Flying time: approx. 3 hours from Auckland, New Zealand.

Local Time: 11 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Weather: May to October is the dry season, whilst November to April is wetter.

Entry requirements:
* Valid passport for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay (NZ passport holders).

* A valid return or onward air ticket and sufficient funds.