Thailand , the Land of Smiles where the blend of culture , breathtaking scenic beauty and tranquillity has cast a spell on travellers for centuries

The diversity within Thailand ensures that a holiday there is full of suprises, lush tropical forests, magnificent beaches, historical sites, wide rivers wandering through National Parks and the dynamic, fats moving, modern metropolis of Bangkok.

Whichever direction you go, whatever form of beauty or adventure you seek, you will find something in this amazing kingdom to captivate and charm you.


Modernity meets tradition in this vibrant city, often referred to as the “Venice of The East” as much of the lifeblood of the city is centred on the Cho Phraya River and the klongs (canals) that radiate from it connecting the heart of the city with farms, markets and temples. Viewing the city from the water gives another perspective to life in Bangkok so a boat trip is an essential item on any tourists itinerary.

This unique blend of old and new is relevant to so many activities in Bangkok, shopping with some of the smartest boutiques in the world coexisting with markets  and busting night bazars, fine dining with renowned celebrity chefs, side by side with street food stalls many owned by the same family for decades their cooks equally renowned in the local market. The trendsetting roof bars in Bangkok are some of the best in the world from there one can view some of the most beautiful temples illuminated at night showing their golden stupas and mammoth buddhas.

The traffic is often commented on as gridlock is frequent but the Tuk tuks somehow manage to navigate their way around it ,so a tour with one of them is an experience but not for the faint hearted. The train system in Bangkok allows one to move around quickly and efficiently.

Yes , it is a very big bustling city but visit to one of the many temples brings for a serene moment.


Phuket is Thailand’s largest island province and the main tourist area in southern Thailand. The Beaches are the major drawcard but also the shopping, cuisine and entertainment make it a haven for those looking for things to do both during the day and at night while they are on holiday.

The resorts in Phuket have been developed to provide the very best experiences for those wanting a totally relaxing holiday surrounded by luxury with a style that is unique to Thailand

Phuket can also be an amazing adventure land for a family as some of the family focused resorts offer so many options for entertaining the children that they never want to leave. Around the island there are so many more things to explore  a boat trip to one of the off shore islands, trips to cascading waterfalls and snorkelling in an underwater wonderland amongst coral reefs.

Phuket will not disappoint when you plan your holiday well.


Thailand’s second largest island, lies in the Gulf of Thailand, offering different weather patterns to the other beach havens in the Andaman Sea. Koh Samui is known for its palm fringed beaches, dense rainforests, mountainous terrain and a range of beautiful luxury resorts and villas.

Koh Samui has managed to maintain a broad appeal as it offers very cosmopolitan areas like Chaweng beach, tropical beach paradises like Maenam and exotic spa experience at Tamarind Springs Forest.

The villas in Koh Samui are some of the best in Thailand, tucked away in unique locations, most views out over the Gulf of Thailand and with a team to looks after guests to ensure their holiday is exactly as they envisaged. They organise your activities, spa treatments at the villa, delicious cuisine and cocktails at sunset, nothing to think about other than to have a good time.

Many of the luxury resorts are in breath taking sites, looking down over crashing waves, with rooms and villas so beautifully decorated it is hard to leave them.

Koh Samui definitely has a charm that is unique but still so Thai – gentle, warm and welcoming.


Khao Lak is only about 100 kms north of Phuket airport, so very accessible for travellers.

Kao Lak is a world renowned scuba diving mecca with amazing coral reefs and rich marine life, combine this with kilometres of pristine beaches and just behind this coastline lies tropical forests with cascading waterfalls offering idyllic places to swim in the refreshing water, definitely nature’s paradise.

Kao Lak is very relaxed and definitely the ideal place for those seeking a holiday in Thailand where both the turquoise Andaman Sea and the rainforest are on their doorstep. Families love it here as is much smaller than many of the other beach resort areas but still with a wide range of activities to keep children entertained for most of the day.

The luxury resorts will not disappoint they have taken full advantage of their beautiful locations and created the tranquil havens that traveelers to Kao Lak seek.


Northern Thailand has cooler temperatures and along with that temperate climate flowers and plants making the environment a favoured place for key Royal projects where they experiment with and grow fruit and vegetables that are sought after by the international chefs in the area whose restaurants are reviving the Royal Cuisine of Thailand .

Chiang Mail has been the centre developing and maintaining the traditional  arts and crafts of Thailand , many of the true artisans open up their workshops, so a day exploring and seeing the work of these top craftsman is very inspiring.

Hill tribe visits are worth the effort , often a jungle trek but to learn about their way for life is an unforgettable experience.

The luxury resorts in Chiang Mai are designed with tradition in mind and have used the very best craftsmen to create very unique rooms and villas and as they are in beautiful gardens , the ambiance created makes a visit the north unforgettable.

Chiang Mai shows off the cultural and artistic skills of the Thai people like nowhere else in Thailand .


Krabi on the southern Thailand west coast never fails to impress with its sheer limestone cliffs, powdery white sand and coral reefs ideal for snorkelling and diving. There are over 100 off shore islands easily reached by motorboats or for the more active kayaking around them is a special experience.

Krabi certainly caters for the more active traveller not only with sea adventures also with hikes to explore the National Parks, some of the more challenging ones offering spectacular views over the whole area.

The luxury resorts in the area take full advantage of the location, choose between beachside cabanas or pools designed to capture the sense of serenity only encountered in Thailand. Dining poolside always a treat after enjoying sunset cocktails also a choice of massages and treatments in their luxurious spas ensures that you experience the tranquillity of a true Thai spa experience.

Not as busy as resort areas like Phuket but still plenty of restaurants and nightlife at Ao Nang beach to ensure you can enjoy a night out in Krabi.

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Thai Bhatt (THB) 
Most Major Credit Cards are accepted.

Cash advances can also be made through many ATMs which display the relevant symbols. 
Banking hours are from 8.30am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday. 
Banks in hotels usually stay open longer hours while Money Changers are generally open every day until late evening. 
Tips: for using money changers - Bring your own calculator - Account your money before presenting to them - Calculate the rate in your own calculator to compare - Count the money (Thai Bhatt) once received prior to leaving - If the money is not correct, ask them for the rest or call the nearest security or police

Electricity: 220V / 50Hz

Flying Time: Approx. 12 hours from Auckland to Bangkok direct

Local Time: 7 Hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Most of the country can be described as tropical and humid for majority of the year. During High Season (Nov-Mar) the weather is mostly cool and dry.  The Shoulder Season (Apr-Jun, Sep & Oct) brings hot and dry weather with temperatures varying between 26-32⁰ C.  Visiting Northern Thailand is ideal in September and October. Monsoon season (Jul-Oct) brings high humidity with rain and heavy storms causing major flooding. During this time some islands will shut down as boat service can be limited during heavy storms.

Entry requirements for
New Zealand passport holders:
Valid passport for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay, and valid return or onward ticket.

Important Information:
There is a smoking ban in place for 24 beaches across 15 provinces. They include tourist destinations in Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Tao. The maximum penalty for smoking on the beach will be a fine of THB100,000 and a year in jail. Please note Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are illegal. Anyone breaking the law could be arrested and face jail time or a fine.